The Critics on 2023

The Wine Advocate, William Kelley

Excerpts from the article “Bordeaux En Primeur 2023 : Make or Break” published 26th April 2024 on

"The best 2023s are just as exciting as the best 2022s, even if the vintage is more varied in quality and style; yet the final paradox is that, due to a cool global economy and two consecutive lukewarm en primeur campaigns, the 2023s may be released at prices as interesting as any we have seen since 2019."

"By now, it will be clear that 2023 is something of a hybrid vintage that fits uneasily into the traditional typology of sunny versus “classic,” Continental versus Atlantic, that categorized so readily most 20th century vintages. The best 2023s exhibit the fully ripe tannins and suave, seamless mouthfeels of a sunny vintage such as 2019; yet their vibrant aromas and flavors, evocative of fresh fruits and flowers, are more indicative of a cooler year."Above all, however, the vintage tended to amplify the voice of each estate and terroir, producing extremely characterful wines."



James Suckling  

Excerpts from the article “En Primeur 2023 (Part 1): A Return to Bordeaux” published 15th April 2024 on

 "So far, I have tasted more than 900 barrel samples of 2023 Bordeaux with my team over the last 10 days in the region, and the best reds show balance and freshness with deep center palates of ripe fruit and a complement of polished tannins. In many ways, I like them better than many of the highly touted 2022s because they are so Bordeaux in their nature with their tensioned mouthfeels and energetic finishes."