Selling & Valuing Wine

As a fine wine merchant and trader, we are always looking to update our stocks with well-cellared cases and sometimes, odd bottles of particularly fine or rare wines. We specialise in buying Bordeaux at Classed Growth level but we also buy Burgundy and Rhone wines from top domaines, Italian wines and vintage Champagnes.

Selling or valuing your wine through Albany Vintners is simple. To provide a valuation and discuss the options with you, we would require full details of the wine in question, the bottle or case quantity, packaging details (for example, OWC) and to know if they are lying duty paid or under bond. There are then two options of how to proceed:

Option I

We can offer your wine to our customers on a consignment / broking basis. We discuss the selling price with you and upon sale, you receive 91% of the selling price and we take a 9% commission. Sometimes wines sell immediately, sometimes they may take a few months, but if you are not in a hurry to sell then this could be the best option.

Option II

Alternatively, we may be able to purchase your wine outright and make you a cash bid. You will normally receive our selling price less 15-20% depending on market conditions, and demand for that particular wine. Payment is sent immediately upon receipt of the wine, either to our office for duty paid stock, or as soon as they are delivered into our warehouse following inspection and without further delays.

We strive to offer a quick and stress-free service, efficient collections and fast payment times (usually between 1-2 days of the wine arriving with us). If you might be interested in a cellar valuation, free of charge, or have a query relating to selling your wine, please contact Marcus Edwards or Elaine Coe at