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[Add to shopping basket] Climens Sauternes/Barsac £435 - - 17 - - 94-96 94
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100% Sémillon. At the time of tasting, this wine was unblended, so this is an amalgamated note from several barrel samples. There is plenty of botrytic influence on display, and quite a muscular structure too. The texture is chewy and pithy with flavours ranging from floral to lemon and apple fruit with treacle and golden syrup sweetness throughout. The samples display plenty of acidity, and there is no question the component parts have all the makings of great Sauternes. This mark is likely to be conservative, then, assuming that the blending is done as well as can be expected from this estate. (17+)

Score: 17 JancisRobinson.com, Richard Hemming, JancisRobinson.com Maturity: 2016-2026

Cropped at ten hectoliters per hectare, this represents the first certified organic Chateau Climens. As usual, I have to conjecture how the final blend will manifest itself, a task becoming easier now that I have tasted through individual lots for several years. Clearly, the first tries contain zesty citrus fruit with crisp acidity and strong botrytis character, the second tries lending the structure and the Barsac/Climens character. I noticed a "marine" influence on the final tries picked on October 21 and 23, although here there is a slight attenuation. Putting all this together, I foresee an assured, perhaps slightly lighter but tensile Climens, with the more heavily botrytized fruit delivered toward the end. Quality is certainly on par with a very good vintage, the most impressive lots destined to form major components of the final blend. This ought to be a classic Climens.

Score: 94 - 96 Neal Martin, Wine Advocate

A greater diversity of lots this year than usual, ranging from delicate to unctuous, but the final blend should be terrific. An elegant, layered, harmonious wine with freshness.

Score: 94 Decanter, Decanter.com Maturity: 2021-2031

[Add to shopping basket] Coutet Sauternes/Barsac £265 £260 - £420 - 16-17 93-95 90-91 93-95 91
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Citrus peel, ginger and sweet spice, and a mid palate with great power. Just enough acidity. Lovely waxy feel, and an attractive mushroom note. (16.5)

Score: 16 - 17 JancisRobinson.com, Richard Hemming, JancisRobinson.com Maturity: 2015-2024

Intense barley sugar nose with slightly burnt sugar character. Plenty of richness in the middle but nicely balanced with a mouthwatering finish.

Score: 93 - 95 Albany Vintners

Extremely sleek and balanced with dried-apple, pear, honey and caramel character. Full body with integrated fruit, acid and sweetness. Lively and balanced.

Score: 90 - 91 James Suckling, Jamessuckling.com

The 2013 Coutet has one of the most complex aromatics you will find this year - a smorgasbord of citrus fruit, lime zest, orange blossom and white peach that is beautifully interwoven with compelling mineralite. The palate is extremely well-balanced, very intense and linear right from the start, with wonderful tension toward the finish that exhibits just a hint of spice. In other words, this is everything you expect from a great Coutet.

Score: 93 - 95 Neal Martin, Wine Advocate

Sweet and luscious with wonderful floral notes and intense flavours that range from dried tropical fruits to sweet spices. Fairly long finish.

Score: 91 Decanter, Decanter.com Maturity: 2020-2028

Powerful, with intense apricot, tangerine and pineapple notes forming the core, all wrapped with toasted almond, shortbread and sweetened butter notes. Has loads in reserve, with serious cut still to fully show itself.

Score: 94 - 97 James Molesworth, Wine Spectator

[Add to shopping basket] Doisy Daene Sauternes/Barsac £295 £190 - £300 - 16-17 92-94 87-88 93-95 93
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Honeyed, viscous and fleshy. Really heavyweight, indulgent stuff. Modern, tropical fruit character, needs matching with the richest desserts. (16.5)

Score: 16 - 17 JancisRobinson.com, Richard Hemming, JancisRobinson.com Maturity: 2015-2020

Exotic notes on the nose of pineapple, mango and citrus. Richer and heavier than Vedrines in the mouth with a very racy finish.

Score: 92 - 94 Albany Vintners

A wine with dried-apple and papaya character. Medium body, medium sweetness and a simple finish.

Score: 87 - 88 James Suckling, Jamessuckling.com

Denis Dubourdieu has a created a fine Doisy-Daene, with attractive white peach and honeysuckle on the precise bouquet, which exudes wonderful transparency. The palate is very well-defined with fine acidity, the oak deftly integrated. It gradually builds in the mouth: harmonious and refined with great composure towards the long and satisfying finish. This is one of the finest Barsac wines of the vintage.

Score: 93 - 95 Neal Martin, Wine Advocate

Fresh and vibrant with layers of dried flowers, dried mangos and orange peel.

Score: 93 Decanter, Decanter.com Maturity: 2020-2029

Albeit youthfully raw, this is stunning already, with gorgeous, creamed Jonagold apple, melon, pineapple and white ginger notes all melded together and backed by a long finish that drips with almond, honeysuckle and orange blossom.

Score: 93 - 96 James Molesworth, Wine Spectator

[Add to shopping basket] Doisy Vedrines Sauternes/Barsac £225 £180 - £280 - 17 92-94 90-91 91-93 92
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Lots of rich, waxy fruit on the palate, though the nose is very discreet. Spice honey and marmalade on the palate with loads of core concentration. Shows promise. (17+)

Score: 17 JancisRobinson.com, Richard Hemming, JancisRobinson.com Maturity: 2015-2025

A delicious nose of butterscotch and lime aromas. Medium-bodied with lovely fruit purity. This is really lovely, refreshing and clean in style.

Score: 92 - 94 Albany Vintners

Attractive apple-purée and honey character. Medium body, lightly sweet with a fresh finish. Outstanding length here.

Score: 90 - 91 James Suckling, Jamessuckling.com

The sample of 2013 Doisy-Vedrines was showing a little reduction on the nose when I first tasted it. The palate is promising, however, perhaps more linear and less honeyed than recent vintages, but that is compensated by greater tension towards the middle and finish. You might describe this as a more streamlined Doisy-Vedrines, dare I say one that is more like Doisy-Daene in style, with wonderful mineralite on the finish.

Score: 91 - 93 Neal Martin, Wine Advocate

Pure, focused and minerally with almost a salty edge despite the high level of sweetness. Beautifully composed with wonderful intensity and finish.

Score: 92 Decanter, Decanter.com Maturity: 2019-2026

Ripe, unctuous, rounded style, with lots of orange cream, almond, heather and ginger notes backed by hazelnut and tangerine. Long, powerful finish should really stretch out.

Score: 92 - 95 James Molesworth, Wine Spectator

[Add to shopping basket] Fargues Sauternes/Barsac £1,300 £450 - £800 - 16-17 - - 92-94 94
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Rich, sweet and indulgent. Slightly lacking in acidic bite on the palate, though. Plenty of flavour, but not quite enough refreshment. (16.5)

Score: 16 - 17 JancisRobinson.com, Richard Hemming, JancisRobinson.com Maturity: 2015-2025

The Chateau de Fargues has a gorgeous bouquet that is going to be wondrous after bottling, mineral-rich, tensile honeyed fruit that is less flamboyant than recent vintages and yet amazingly well-focused. The palate has a spicy tincture on the entry, laser-like precision, with a zesty, citrus-driven finish. This is a more delicate, understated Chateau de Fargues, but left alone in the glass over several minutes, it really begins to blossom and gain weight. This should be outstanding after bottling.

Score: 92 - 94 Neal Martin, Wine Advocate

Unctuous and full bodied with firm acidity and lifted flavours. Generous for 2013, with layered dried tropical fruit flavours and a long finish.

Score: 94 Decanter, Decanter.com Maturity: 2020-2028

Very spicy, with lots of dried peach, mango and apricot notes leading the way, backed by bold ginger and toasted almond. Layers and layers glide through the very unctuous finish. This is a deep, serious, mouthfilling wine in the making.

Score: 94 - 97 James Molesworth, Wine Spectator

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