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A Selection of Vintage Ports

A quick guide to each house's style:   

  • Croft - fruity, approachable and relatively early maturing.
    2017 was the first vintage of Serikos, ("made of silk", which comes exclusively from old historic plots from Croft's flagship Quinta da Roeda estate.
  • Fonseca - lush and velvety, aromatic with spices, cocoa and violets.
  • Graham's - rich and opulent, intense and aromatic with black fruit flavours. The Stone Terraces was first made in 2011 - a tiny production (250 cs) from two 18th century schist terraces in Quinta dos Malvedos.
  • Quinta do Noval - refined and well-structured. 
    Nacional is legendary, made from a tiny parcel of ungrafted vines at the heart of the Noval estate.
  • Quinta do Vesuvio - rich and structured.
  • Sandeman - a drier, nuttier, more oxidative style.
  • Taylor's - elegant and fine, structured; "the Latour of Portugal".
    Vargellas Vinha Velha is a single quinta vintage Port made from the oldest vines of the Vargellas estate.
  • Warre's - classic and elegant.

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 Our Selection

1971Taylor's Very Old Single Harvest Tawny Port6x75cl2-£840CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]17.5 JR
2003Taylor6x75cl1-£270CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]95 NM
2007Taylor6x150cl1-£490CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]95 RP
2007Taylor's Vargellas Vinha Velha3x75cl3-£340CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]99 WA
2011Warre6x75cl5-£250CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]96 KM
2011Taylor's Vargellas Vinha Velha3x75cl2-£530CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]98 ST
2011Graham The Stone Terraces3x75cl1-£1,590CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]96-98 NM
2011Quinta do Noval Nacional12x75cl-1£1,080BT (1)[Add to shopping basket]100 NM
2017Croft Roeda Serikos3x75cl2-£300CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]97 NM
2017Symington Collection Case 6bt 2017 (Graham, Graham Stone Terraces, Dow, Cockburn, Warre & Vesuvio)6x75cl2-£640CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]0 AV
2019Quinta do Noval6x75cl8-£270CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]97 WA
2019Quinta do Noval Nacional1x75cl1-£740BT (1)[Add to shopping basket]99 WA


2016Warre12x37.5cl1-£260CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]98 WS
2016Fonseca24x37.5cl--£600CS(24)[Add to shopping basket]98 JS
2016Graham12x37.5cl2-£319CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]96 NM
2017Warre12x37.5cl2-£276CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]94 NM
2017Fonseca12x37.5cl3-£328CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]95 NM
2017Taylor12x37.5cl1-£332CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]98 NM
2017Taylor's Vargellas Vinha Velha3x75cl--£360CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]98 WS
2017Graham12x37.5cl9-£338CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]95 NM

Large Formats

2016Warre1x225cl1-£190BT (1)[Add to shopping basket]98 WS
2017Quinta do Vesuvio1x225cl2-£205CS(1)[Add to shopping basket]18.5 JH

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