'Classic Claret' from Leoville Barton

Leoville Barton

"Château Léoville Barton, which has been owned by the Barton family since the 19th century, epitomizes the best of classic Bordeaux: character, elegance and ageability. "
Wine Spectator

One of the great names of Bordeaux, Chateau Leoville Barton has a richly deserved reputation for producing consistently excellent Saint Julien at very reasonable prices.  This is never truer than with their utterly charming deuxieme vin, Reserve de Leoville Barton, with its eye catching art deco label that once adorned the Grand Vin.

The fruit for Reserve de Leoville Barton comes from the estates younger vines and plots that just missed selection to the Grand Vin.  As a result the quality in top vintages, with good even ripening, can far exceed the lowly price tag (from £20.83/btl in bond).  We are delighted to offer 4 of the best recent vintages for the region (2014, 2015, 2016 & 2019) and especially so for the Chateau.  We have also just received a number of other excellent wines in stock from the Barton family including the alluring Barton Family Collection Case containing 1 bottle each of Leoville Barton 2012, Langoa Barton 2015 and Mauvesin Barton 2014.

This is classic claret at a great price that will be drinking beautifully over the next decade.


Also available from the Barton family...

0000Barton Family Collection Mixed Case (1x Leoville Barton 2012, 1x Langoa Barton 2015, 1x Mauvesin Bar3x75cl8-£160CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]93----
2006Langoa Barton12x75cl--£445CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]90-92--89-91-
2012Langoa Barton12x75cl5-£420CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]---89-90-
2015Langoa Barton12x75cl1-£420CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]91-939494
2019Langoa Barton12x37.5cl--£220CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]9494939694
2019Langoa Barton3x150cl6-£210CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Langoa Barton6x75cl3-£210CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2020Langoa Barton6x75cl9-£179CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]93-9293-9495
2021Langoa Barton6x75cl9-£177CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]91-9392-9490-9292-9391-93
1994Leoville Barton12x75cl1-£880CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]89--90-
2003Leoville Barton12x75cl1-£1,320CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]---98-
2010Leoville Barton12x75cl--£1,250CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]97----
2017Leoville Barton12x75cl-6£570CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]94-9694-9594-96
2020Leoville Barton6x75cl4-£365CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2021Leoville Barton6x75cl8-£334CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]93-9593-9592-9493-9492-94
2016Mauvesin Barton12x75cl1-£140CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]91---90
2019Mauvesin Barton12x75cl5-£145CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]87-91-89
2021Mauvesin Barton6x75cl--£65CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]89-91-88-90-87-88
2014Reserve de Leoville Barton (2nd wine of Leoville Barton)6x75cl--£125CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]---92-
2015Reserve de Leoville Barton (2nd wine of Leoville Barton)12x75cl--£270CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]90-8993-
2016Reserve de Leoville Barton (2nd wine of Leoville Barton)12x75cl--£260CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Reserve de Leoville Barton (2nd wine of Leoville Barton)6x150cl5-£260CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]88---91
2019Reserve de Leoville Barton (2nd wine of Leoville Barton)12x75cl5-£250CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]-----