Dow 40YO Tawny NV

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Tasting Notes

The NV 40 Year Old Very Old Tawny Porto is a field blend coming in with 127 grams per liter of residual sugar. It was bottled in 2018 with a bar-top cork. While this continues to some extent the "dry, stern and powerful" feel of its siblings, this also has the most richness, the sweetest edge and the most ability to cut that stern aspect. The finish is long and delicious, laced with caramel and milk chocolate. Two days later, that was a lot clearer. It seems relatively young for a 40 until you note the concentration. It's easily the most concentrated of the group. It was also my personal favorite of the group, although I did tend to keep taking another taste of the vivacious 30. It may depend on what style you like—this 40 is about richness and concentration, while the 30 is brighter and livelier. In going from 30 to 40, of course, it's not always a night-and-day difference in terms of maturity. They are both very mature and satisfy that requirement well. They are both well done overall, and both to me seem much more interesting than their younger siblings.

Score: 94

Mark Squires, Wine Advocate, Maturity: 2019-2065 30 April 2019