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We are delighted to offer a great selection of highly-rated tawny and Vintage ports from some of the leading Port houses:


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Taylor's is renowned for its classic, age-worthy style.  Described as the "Latour of port", for many Taylor's is the archetypal port and remarkable for its restrained power.

2017Taylor6x75cl6-£325CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]---99-
2017Taylor12x37.5cl2-£332CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]98----
2016Taylor12x75cl--£540CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]97--100-
2016Taylor24x37.5cl--£520CS(24)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2016Taylor6x150cl--£650CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2011Taylor12x75cl--£500CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]96-98--96-
2007Taylor6x150cl2-£490CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]94----
2003Taylor6x75cl1-£270CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2011Taylor's Vargellas Vinha Velha3x75cl2-£530CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]96-98--96-
2007Taylor's Vargellas Vinha Velha3x75cl3-£340CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]---98-
1971Taylor's Very Old Single Harvest Port6x75cl2-£840CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----


Fonseca is equally First Growth in quality but in a richer, more flamboyant style with wonderful hedonistic aromatics.

2017Fonseca12x37.5cl4-£328CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2016Fonseca24x37.5cl1-£600CS(24)[Add to shopping basket]-----
1994Fonseca12x75cl--£1,120CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]---100-

"Hold on to your hat. This is the best Fonseca since 1977, and it's probably even better than that classic vintage--more like the breathtaking 1948. Mind-blowing, with masses of color, aroma and fruit flavor. Smells like fermenting berries, boasting loads of crushed grape, violet and berry character. Big, full-bodied and very sweet, with tons of tannins and a sweet finish. Tannic and huge, it's a long-term, great Port. Best after 2012.  Wine Spectator Top 100: 1997, Rank: 1"

100 | James Suckling, Wine Spectator


Graham's has an outstanding reputation for producing rich, sweet, concentrated ports with a firm tannic structure and great longevity.

2017Graham6x75cl13-£300CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]95----
2017Graham12x37.5cl9-£338CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]---97-
2016Graham6x75cl3-£255CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]96--99-
2016Graham12x37.5cl4-£319CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2016Graham The Stone Terraces3x75cl--£620CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]97--96-
2011Graham The Stone Terraces12x75cl--£530BT (1)[Add to shopping basket]96-98--97-


Croft was one of the founding Port houses and traces its origins back to 1588 when the company was established in England by Henry Thompson.

2017Croft6x75cl4-£240CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]---97-
2017Croft Roeda Serikos3x75cl2-£300CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]97--97-


2017Warre6x75cl1-£270CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]94--98-
2017Warre12x37.5cl2-£276CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2016Warre6x75cl3-£255CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]94----
2016Warre1x225cl1-£190BT (1)[Add to shopping basket]---96-
2016Warre12x37.5cl1-£260CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2011Warre6x75cl5-£250CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]93-95--96-

Quinta do Noval

Quinta do Noval is one of the oldest and most highly regarded houses.  The legendary Nacional comes from a 6 acre parcel of ungrafted vines responsible for some of the greatest ever ports.

2019Quinta do Noval6x75cl8-£270CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]96----
2017Quinta do Noval6x75cl6-£305CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]97--9797
2016Quinta do Noval6x75cl8-£310CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]97--98-
2019Quinta do Noval Nacional1x75cl1-£980BT (1)[Add to shopping basket]98----
2011Quinta do Noval Nacional12x75cl-1£1,080BT (1)[Add to shopping basket]100--100-

Quinta do Vesuvio

2017Quinta do Vesuvio1x225cl2-£205CS(1)[Add to shopping basket]-----

"Very fresh, it also has luscious fruit, vivid fruit flavor and big power underneath. It coats the palate and is one of the fleshiest of the wines in the Symington stable this issue, but its best feature is the delightfully juicy finish. It's delicious, long and kind of spectacular. Tight, it also demonstrated the ability to expand in the glass. Then, it showed off the pure power. The combination of lots of fruit, lots of power and endless flavor to go with the endless finish mean that this is a rather stunning follow-up to recent vintages. It is going to need some time. I did (again) like the Capela, its sibling this issue, better—I tend to lean toward structure more than fruitiness—but at half the price, I and other bargain hunters might be content here."

97-99 | Mark Squires, Wine Advocate


2016Sandeman6x75cl1-£295CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----

"Dark in color, with fine and expressive fruit, this shows intensity of flavor more than pure power. The fruit demonstrates nice lift as it opens with air. As with the Offley, this is a very nice success in this vintage, showing me fine fruit and reasonable structure."

93 | Mark Squires, Wine Advocate

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