Burgundy 2015: Jean-Michel Guillon

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We are delighted to offer the newly released 2015s from Jean-Michel Guillon in Gevrey Chambertin, a Domaine we are very pleased to be working with closely, and from whom we have been shipping directly since the 2013 vintage.   

There has rightly been much excitement around the 2015 Burgundies, reds in particular with a warm and very dry season bringing gorgeously ripe red and blacks fruits, body and depth and silky smooth tannins sparking comparisons to 2005 and 2009 and even older.  On 2015 Jean-Michel says "We are extremely happy with the quality as they should drink well early on yet age for years as the tannins are ripe and there is excellent underlying material."   Jean-Michel also cites the local view in Gevrey Chambertin that recalls similarities with 1959, 1947 and even 1929 - certainly the quality of the fruit is the best that he has seen in his 35 years as a vigneron.  Great news for Burgundy lovers, tempered by the reduced quantities in 2015, with yields down by 30%.
Jean-Michel is a talented winemaker who takes Rousseau, Dugat-Py and Denis Bachelet as his inspiration to make rich, succulent and impressive Burgundies with excellent ageing potential.  100% new oak, whole bunch fermentation and intensive work in the vineyard are hallmarks here, and have brought him respect of his peers and status as President of the syndicat of winegrowers of Gevrey Chambertin.
"The quality of the Guillon 2015s is impressive across the board but where I believe that they really shine is with their entry level examples" 
Allen Meadows, Burghound
"not a grower that I know well, but this excellent wine suggests I should investigate further"
Neal Martin on Clos de Vougeot 2013
We are delighted to offer the wines with a special introductory offer of 5% discount on these prices for any orders of 2+ cases (excluding Grand Cru).  Grand Cru quantities are particularly limited and balanced orders will be given preference.  Please let us know your interest ASAP.

Wine offered In Bond (IB) excluding duty and VAT.  For enquiries please email the team

Offer subject to final confirmation. E&OE.

Vintage Name Size Cs Bt GBP Price Per Actions scores
2015 Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Guillon, Jean-Michel Bottles - - £165 CS (12) [Add to shopping basket] - - - - -
2015 Chambolle Musigny Au Village, Guillon, Jean-Michel Bottles - - £410 CS (12) [Add to shopping basket] - - 87-90 - -
2015 Clos de Vougeot, Guillon, Jean-Michel Bottles 3 - £1,200 CS (12) [Add to shopping basket] - - 92-94 - -
2015 Gevrey Chambertin Champonnets 1er Cru, Guillon, Jean-Michel Bottles 4 - £570 CS (12) [Add to shopping basket] - - 90-92 - -
2015 Gevrey Chambertin Cuvee Pere Galland, Guillon, Jean-Michel Bottles 29 - £380 CS (12) [Add to shopping basket] - - 89-91 - -
2015 Gevrey Chambertin Petite Chapelle 1er Cru, Guillon, Jean-Michel Bottles 1 - £700 CS (12) [Add to shopping basket] - - 91-93 - -
2015 Marsannay Clos Des Portes Monopole, Guillon, Jean-Michel Bottles 13 - £245 CS (12) [Add to shopping basket] - - - - -
2015 Mazis Chambertin, Guillon, Jean-Michel Bottles 1 - £1,200 CS (12) [Add to shopping basket] - - 92-95 - -
2015 Nuits St Georges Chaillots, Guillon, Jean-Michel Bottles 7 - £410 CS (12) [Add to shopping basket] - - 88-91 - -