BORDEAUX 2019: New Scores and Stocks


As cases continue to arrive at our warehouse of the excellent Bordeaux 2019 vintage, the critics are publishing their final in bottle scores for the vintage.

William Kelley, who is now the Bordeaux correspondent for, was the latest to publish and was glowing in his praise; "Vibrant, concentrated and structurally seamless, the best 2019 red Bordeaux combine striking aromatic range with notable intensity and persistence of flavor; and while this is a vintage amply endowed with tannin, those tannins are already so integrated as to be, in many instances, almost imperceptible.'

William Kelley goes on to comment " The 2019 Bordeaux futures campaign offered consumers some of the region’s best value for money of the century so far. Priced for the pandemic, not for quality, readers who bought en primeur can feel very happy indeed. While the wines have appreciated since then, many continue to represent very attractive propositions at current pricing..."

As many markets only start to purchase Bordeaux once it is physically available, now is a great time to stock up.



2019Ausone6x75cl1-£3,250CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Ausone3x75cl1-£1,630CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]99-98100-
2019Beaumont6x75cl4-£55CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]91-899288-90
2019Beaumont6x150cl1-£115CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Beaumont12x37.5cl2-£58CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Beausejour Becot6x75cl13-£240CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Belair Monange6x75cl2-£630CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9796-98949996-98
2019Beychevelle6x75cl5-£490CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]--92-949695-97
2019Calon Segur6x75cl--£535CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Canon3x150cl--£680CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Cantemerle6x75cl4-£106CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Capbern6x75cl10-£90CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Carmes Haut Brion6x75cl--£675CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Carruades de Lafite (2nd wine of Ch Lafite)6x75cl--£1,640CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Chenade6x75cl19-£75CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Cissac12x75cl2-£102CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Clerc Milon6x75cl1-£350CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9392-94949693-95
2019Cruzelles6x75cl16-£105CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Cruzelles3x150cl6-£115CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]9290-929393-
2019Dame de Montrose (2nd wine of Montrose)6x75cl5-£158CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]91-8993-
2019Dome6x75cl2-£680CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9496-98969695-97
2019Ducru Beaucaillou6x75cl--£870CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9897-100979897-100
2019Duhart Milon6x75cl1-£310CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9392-94929592-94
2019Fleur Cardinale6x75cl1-£160CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9393-95949593-95
2019Fleur Petrus6x75cl2-£940CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9794-96989894-96
2019Gloria6x75cl9-£150CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Grand Puy Lacoste6x75cl2-£270CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Guillot Clauzel6x75cl1-£380CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-92-949396-
2019Haut Bailly6x75cl--£460CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9697-99969996-98
2019Labegorce6x75cl8-£120CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Lafite Rothschild6x75cl--£3,950CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Lafon Rochet6x75cl15-£170CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Langoa Barton3x150cl6-£210CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Langoa Barton12x37.5cl4-£200CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]93-939693-95
2019Laroque6x75cl6-£125CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Leoville Las Cases6x75cl1-£1,040CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Leoville Poyferre6x75cl1-£420CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]97-979597-100
2019Malescot Saint Exupery6x75cl1-£250CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9694-969696-
2019Meyney6x75cl15-£112CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Mission Haut Brion6x75cl1-£1,780CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9798-100979898-100
2019Montlandrie6x75cl6-£79CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Montrose6x75cl2-£790CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Mouton Rothschild6x75cl--£3,050CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Ormes de Pez6x75cl7-£105CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]92-919392-94
2019Phelan Segur6x75cl8-£180CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Phelan Segur3x150cl5-£190CS(3)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Pichon Comtesse Reserve (2nd Wine Pichon Lalande)6x75cl5-£168CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Poujeaux6x75cl4-£105CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Rauzan Segla6x75cl4-£445CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Saint Pierre6x75cl10-£210CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Saintayme6x75cl8-£62CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Siran6x75cl8-£116CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Talbot6x75cl--£230CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]94-929593-95
2019Teyssier6x75cl1-£69CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]8791-93919291-93
2019Vieux Chateau Mazerat6x75cl1-£345CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9392-94939496-98
2019Blanc de Lynch Bages6x75cl5-£225CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]-----
2019Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc6x75cl1-£474CS(6)[Add to shopping basket]9596-989697-
2019Yquem12x37.5cl5-£1,500CS(12)[Add to shopping basket]98----